Cerebral Connect
Innovation in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Speaker Name
Dr.Venkatesh Katgeri, Vice President, Srikem Laboratories Private Limited, Thane, Maharashtra, India
25th June, 2021


Gnanam School of Business organized an event of “Cerebral Connect on Innovation in Pharma Industry” on 25th June 2021.The Guest Lecturer was Dr. Venkatesh Katgeri, Vice President- Srikem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. As the Event began, Mr. Sandeep Sabu from the Taylor’s batch did the Mc and Our respected Director. S. Sundar welcomed our Chief guest on behalf of our entire Gsb and Ms. Thenmozhi from Taylor’s batch introduced our guest of honor. The main aim of this event is to know about the insights of the Innovation in Pharma Industry.

He clearly explained about What is Pharma Industry? and how the medicine reaches the consumers and what are all the changes made in the Pharma industry after Covid and where else is innovation happening? And the difference between homeopathy and allopathy with various examples in a detailed manner.

The students asked many interactive questions and the chief guest’s answers to the questions were new and it was helpful to understand their doubts and the students got a broad knowledge of Innovation in Pharma Industry. Finally, Ms. Sindhuja from Taylor’s batch delivered the Vote of thanks and the meeting came to an end filled with great knowledge.


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