Management Development Programme
Innovation for Business Excellence - Consumer Based Business Strategy
Speaker Name
Prof. S. Saravanan - GSB, Dr. Thirumurugan - GSB.
08th June, 2019


An MDP programme titled “Innovation for Business Excellence” is conducted to Managers from Punniyamoorthy Pillai Department Stores (PPDS) and Tanisq Stores of Thanjavur on 08th June 2019 at Gnanam School of Business, Thanjavur. The programme is part of the regular series of MDP conducted to Senior Managers from the industry. There are about 4 Key Resource Account (KRA) Managers who took part in it. They all are handling key portfolios and entire stores management in their respective organization. They are all having solid industry exposure and ground level understanding for more than 15 years. It is more of a one-on-one discussion and troubleshooting the problems which they encounter in their operational and strategic decision-making.                    

The session is handled to them by Prof.S.Saravanan and Dr.R.Thirumurugan, Gnanam School of Business, Sengipatti, Thanjavur. The programme is classified into two modules namely Business Model & Consumer Behaviour Dimensions. It is delivered with the objective of effectual customer’s services that has to be practised. The benchmark in the retail industry has been discussed and the current trend has been communicated to the participants.                       The learning sessions are scheduled for about 09 hours from morning 09:00 am to 06:30 pm. The audiences are very active in interaction and learning. They have clarified their doubts and shared their experiences, difficulties and challenges that they encounter during their work and received possible solutions from the resource persons. The programme is well received by the participants. The following sub-themes were discussed in the sessions;


  1. Customer Profitability

  2. Increasing the flow of the Customer

  3. Training the ground staffs for effective customer handling

  4. Handling different types of customers

  5. Managing the idle time effectively

  6. Logistics management and handling it in an efficient manner

  7. Reducing the wastages

  8. Effective Space Utilization

  9. Enhancing the Delivery Time in a better manner

  10. Establishing the Brand and its Equity.

  11. Understanding the Responsibility of a Manager

  12. Before and After Sales – Responding to Customer Need

 The Programme has further paved the path for the upcoming programme on training the operational staffs and make them work towards organizational objectives in a more effective manner.


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