Academic Clubs


This is a melting pot for zealous Marketing Managers where they meet, discuss and ideate. It nurtures inquisitiveness in its members and strive to provide them with an opportunity to gain real world experience and expertise in marketing. The club organizes marketing focused field trips, discussions and han-on opportunities aimed at getting behind the scenes insights to various facets of marketing. It helps students to skillfully brand themselves and be prepared for the competitive global markets.

Conceived as a panel of financial intellects, the club serves as the educational and networking platform bridging the gap between the academia and the BFSI industry. It works towards creating intellectually stimulating learning opportunities and sustaining industry connect. It is in the forefront of promoting financial knowledge on campus. It supports students with additional resources to equip themselves through learning and sharing and develop into strong contenders for the career options of their interest. The club's initiatives include "The Bank of Finrostra", our in-house bank.

Human Resource is a great source of motivation and constant support in an organization. The HR-Club is providing the same to our students. Many initiatives have been taken in this regard to make the students aware of what is needed in the corporate world. Contemporary issues like work life balance, employee retention and other issues are topics taken up for discussion and debates.

Operations Management is the backbone of an organizations excellence. This club strives to promote operations research, production, logistics and supply chain, and related activities. It provides an interactive forum to discuss relevant problems.

A group of highly enthusiastic cyber technocrats swirl around the GSB fraternity spreading update acumen about cloud computing, grid computing, embedded systems , ERP, Distributed systems and the like. The club conducts innovative activities to keep their peers enlightened with the recent trends in Cyber science.

Non-Academic Clubs


Samaritans CSR Club takes further GSB's focus on churning out socially responsible students equipped with business wisdom. We have always held that management education at GSB would not be limited to campus learning, but would include real world applicability and real world social responsibility. GSB also maintains an Eco-Friendly campus with "zero discharge" of domestic waste into the surroundings. The Samaritans CSR Club conceives, manages and executes the various CSR activities in and around the campus.

GSB Chronicle is a general management quarterly newsletter, entirely managed by the students committee and published by Gnanam School of Business. It is also a research-based magazine that focuses primarily on management techniques. Its primary writer segments are new managers, emerging leaders, experienced leaders, and the students of GSB as well. GSB Chronicle's mission is to improve the practice of management in a changing world and to provide students around the country with rigorous insights and best practices to lead themselves more effectively and to make a positive impact. The news letter enjoys a wide readership among management schools, colleges and various corporate heads.

The Bank of Finrostra is a fully-functional bank managed by the Finance Club of GSB. Conceived, managed, and run by students, Bank of Finrostra allows students to practice their finance fundamentals in a real world scenario. Having commenced its operations on September 5th 2011, the Bank of Finrostra services the needs of other students' initiatives of GSB such as the Kwik Stop and GPL. Bank of Finrostra offers its clients a broad spectrum of banking services including loan, deposits, payments and cash management services. The Bank is looking forward to enabling inclusive development by expanding their financial services to nearby villages.

Kwik Stop is the on-campus convenience store run by the students of GSB. Kwik Stop simulates the business environment in an academic setting. The students apply lessons in Operations, Finance and Marketing in the running and maintenance of the store. The product mix is determined by a carefully-designed market research methodology while procurement and storage involves the application of EOQ, studying of operating cycles, accounting of pilferages, spoilages and so on. Work study is also carried out. Proper books of accounts are maintained and financial statements are prepared fortnightly depicting the profits made with product break-up. Merchandising and brand building also form a part of this exercise.

GPL was the brain child of CEO, Mr. S.P.S Arul doss who teamed up with Mr.Vinoth Gandhi of team Beacons and the result was a week of fun & frolic coupled with action on the field. The first GPL had four teams, they were Sengipatti Super Singams, The Ravanaas, 9GSpectrum and Red hawks fighting for the coveted title.The second GPL saw Spartans, Titans, Knight Warriors &Falcons fighting for the coveted title.

Cicero Circle is a student-run club named after Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC) who was chief among Roman rhetoricians and remains the best known ancient orator. Cicero Circle took its shape in the year 2011 at Gnanam School of Business. The motto of this club is to bring out the latent potential of students by providing a platform to exhibit and enhance their oratorical and rhetorical skills. The primary objective is to help the students in their placements by equipping them with the employable skills achieved through their active participation in the programmes. Some of the activities taken up by this club include Debates, Group Discussions and Speakers Forum on topics varying from Management to Current Affairs. This is aimed at enhancing their soft skills, which will in turn boost up their level of confidence and bring out the leadership and event management skills. Management games and fun-filled activities also find their place in the club.
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