Chairman's Message

Dear Readers,

Gnanam School of Business (GSB), since its inception in 2009,  has always aspired to be more than an academic institution that is imparting business knowledge to young management graduates. GSB views itself as a B –School with a vision to transform young, ambitious individuals into highly competent business leaders. The two years fully residential MBA program nurtures the business culture in the minds of our young students on campus. GSB is known for its top-notch infrastructure and academically strong faculty members who actively engage and interact with the students to develop them and lay the foundations for success in their careers.

GSB staunchly believes in providing an affordable and enjoyable learning ambiance for its students. They are diligently taught to value integrity and hard work above all and to conduct themselves in a professional fashion to meet the expectation of corporates.

We envisage that every student stepping out of our campus will be prepared to embrace the challenges of the dynamic work environment through an education rooted in ethics and professionalism.  At GSB, we have consistently set our target to nurture and develop the students and transform them into upright corporate leaders and nation-builders.


S.P Selvaraj
Gnanam School of Business
Gnanam School of Business
Mary's Nagar,
Trichy - Thanjavur Expressway,
Sengipatti - 613402,
Thanjavur District.
+91 4362 221102 - 05,
95858 81102
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