CEO’S Message

Dear Readers,

"Time to Leap, Wisdom to Lead, Explore the New Horizon, Soar High."

With this frame of reference, Gnanam School of Business initiates the mechanism of synchronizing students’ talents, passions, and competencies, to foster and nurture them into leaders capable of making a difference as managers.

‘Transformation’ is what defines ‘survival’ in the complex world of business. GSB promises ‘Accelerated Transformation’ by looking at the expectations of the industry. In order to meet the demands of business in the current scenario, our B-school equips the students with contemporary theoretical knowledge while encouraging them to develop innovative and creative thinking combined with strong technical skills and a good learning attitude.

Our young and enthusiastic faculty team is focused on ensuring that the academic knowledge of the student is put in practice through field visits and live projects which provide them with the right level of practical and hands-on experience. Being a fully residential MBA program, our faculty are adept at drawing out the student’s unique combination of talents, strengths, and passion and mentor them throughout these two years to create a lasting impact when they enter the business world.  We are confident that the business wisdom imparted to them will energize them to lead, inspire, and aspire to soar high. Equipped with state-of-art teaching systems and world-class infrastructure, GSB has through the last ten years firmly established itself as a B-school of national repute.

To quote poet William Wordsworth “Wisdom is often times nearer when we stoop than when we soar”. Learning is made more meaningful and valuable through the industry need based curriculum, appropriate pedagogy through Creative Learning Methodology, Case Study based Teaching, Activity Based Learning, Simulation Business Games, and Experiential Learning Exercises. Our e- learning management system platform is also actively used to heighten student engagement.

GSB leaves no stone unturned to create a unique student experience. Classroom learning is constantly supplemented by visits from industry experts, CEOs, and Management Gurus to the campus to share their expertise with students thus facilitating a smooth campus-to-corporate transition and enabling them to become successful managers. The students’ employability skills are enhanced through an array of activities like outbound training, self- development, and personality development activities.

Gnanam School of Business is perceived to be a B-school that sustains the two most important principles of modern education wisdom - ‘enlightened transformation’ and ‘self-induced transition’. This marks the effective transition from the managers of today to the business leaders of tomorrow.

"You say I started out with practically nothing, but that isn't correct.
We all start with all there is. It's how we use it that makes things possible" - Henry Ford.

Dr. S.P.S Arul Doss
Chief Executive Officer
Gnanam School of Business
Gnanam School of Business
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Thanjavur District.
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