Student Development Programme
Speaker Name
Prof. S. Saravanan, GSB
25th June, 2019


An SDP programme titled “Discipline Delivers Higher Performance” is conducted to higher secondary students from Yagappa International School, Thanjavur. It is the second batch from the 12th Standard Students. It was held on 25.06.2019 (Tuesday) between 10:00am to 05:30pm at Gnanam School of Business, Thanjavur. The programme is part of the regular series of SDP conducted to Senior Secondary Students from the Schools. There are about 60 students who took part in it. They all are higher secondary students. It is more of a one-on-one discussion and troubleshooting their academic problems which they encounter in their operational and strategic study issues.

The session is handled to them by Prof.S.Saravanan and Prof.Issac Johny, Gnanam School of Business, Sengipatti, Thanjavur. The programme is classified into two modules namely Discipline and other One is Ways of Managing Studies Effectively by keeping time and energy in mind. It is delivered with the objective of effectual usage of time, resources and personal and public discipline which has to be practiced. The students are very active in interaction and learning. They have clarified their doubts and shared their problems, challenges that they encounter during their regular and day-to-day life with the resource persons. The programme is well received by the participants.

 The following sub-themes were discussed in the sessions;

  1. Developing Subject Competency
  2. Confidence and Courage
  3. Communication
  4. Consistency in Performance  and
  5. Integrity and Ethics

The Programme is a great success and it really has achieved its set objectives.


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