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06th March, 2019


The programme was opened with the welcome address and a concept note by Prof.S.Saravanan, Faculty Co-ordinator, GSB-EDC. The addresses give a genesis about the EDC ideation and activation. The faculty coordinator of EDC has explained the objective of GSB-EDC in a detailed manner. Further, he has explained the composition of GSB-EDC members and their respective roles. Finally, the proposed activities of the EDC have been explained in a nutshell.

Following that, the chief guest of the evening Shri.K.Ashok Kannan was given away with the Shawl and Memento as a token of our love and affection by the Revered Chairman of GSB Shri.S.P.Selvaraj, Chairman, GSB. Dr.S..P.S. Aruldoss, CEO of GSB had presented the key note address. He has lucidly covered the essence of agriculture entrepreneurship in the Thanjavur Region and its challenges cum prospects. Also, he reiterated the need of EDC in an educational institution especially management institutions. He has further emphasized that the students has to consider self-employment as one of its best option.

The next key aspect of the evening is to unveil the EDC Logo. The GSB-EDC Logo was released in the presence of Shri.K.Ashok Kannan by Shri.S.P.Selvaraj, Chairman, GSB and received by Dr.S.P.S.Aruldoss.  Following to that, Shri.K.Ashok Kannan, Co Founder, Happy Hens Farm, Trichy has shared his thoughts. He had detailed his family background, educational exposure and eco-system where he grew-up. He had shared that he did not have any formal education and he developed his language ability by sheer willpower through reading newspaper and watching cricket commentaries. He told that it is the ability of calculated risk taking and big dreams are key to success in business. He had explained about his ventures in herbal and poultry business from the start-up time till date in a detailed manner. He had expressed his desire to continue the session more of an interactive session and invited students asked questions to him.

The students poured with questions to the Chief Guest about his business, family background, energy, inspiration, business model, performance metrics, marketing of the product, improvement of business in the upcoming years, competition, competency building, perseverance, overcoming the physical challenges and so on. The interaction session lasted about 40 minutes and it was very exciting insightful. Shri.K.Ashok Kannan had openly applauded that GSB students are really good in raising valuable questions and a fruitful experience mutually. The chief guest had answered the entire questions very polite, genuine and honest manner. It has really inspired the student a lot. The session had come to an end. Ms.K.Keerthana, Decennials of GSB and the Student Co-ordinator of GSB-EDC had proposed the vote of thanks.  Shri.S.P.Selvaraj, Chairman, GSB has interacted with the students after the Chief Guest departure and enquired about the impact and impression of the programme, learning experience and influence of this programme among themselves by individual student by sparing an hour. The students felt extremely happy and stated that the Chief Guest is a role model to all of them and it motivates them to work better in future.


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