Cerebral Connect
Opportunities in Marketing & Sales in Current Scenario
Speaker Name
Mr. Balaji Prakash, Vice President - Sales and Marketing - E.I.D. Parry Ltd, Chennai
01st September, 2018


Today, the MBA grads look for an opportunity in the FMCG field, after having completed their Masters in Business Administration or while they pursue. Gnanam School of Business, Thanjavur had organized a “Cerebral Connect” on 01/09/2018. The program commenced in the presence Mr.Balaji Prakash, Vice President- Sales and Marketing- E.I.D. Parry Ltd, Chennai, the Chief Guest and Dr.S.P.S Arul Doss, the CEO of Gnanam School of Business. The main objective of the program was to enrich the knowledge of the students on the Opportunities in Marketing and Sales in Current Scenario.

The Chief Guest of the day addressed the students that the sales include the Operations and Activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services while Marketing includes the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. In practice, the marketing department tends to bear responsibility for raising awareness about a product and generating high-quality leads for a sales team. Fast moving consumer good (FMCG) is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy. There are three main segments in the sector – food and beverages which accounts for 19 per cent of the sector, healthcare which accounts for 31 per cent and household and personal care which accounts for the remaining 50 per cent.

Mr.Balaji Prakash emphasized that India is a major market for the FMCG sector because of the Population, Fastest changing lifestyle, Cheap labor and Growing “future consumers” and highest “Potential consumers” He also listed out the features of the FMCG which includes Marketing to many, Emotional buying behavior , Flirtatious consumer behavior and Sustaining relevance. One has to constantly innovate, upgrade and create felt need subtly to survive in the market.

He also explained about the Supply chain opportunities in FMCG sector such as vendor management, cost management, forward block and integration. One has to have conceptual skills and good decision making skills in order to grow progressively. He also quoted that “Don’t go after money, Work on your skills and experience. They will bring money to you”

The Students prepared the questionnaire and it was answered by the Chief Guest. The Students of Gnanam School of Business were empowered by his words of wisdom.



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