9th Successive edition of the Intercollegiate Management Gala at Gnanam School of Business. Discover the Strength of your business wisdom and prove your acumen at Biz-Laureate, 2K18.
In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us at bizlaureate@gmail.com

Biz-Laureate is a prestigious event that provides arena for students from various institutions in India to prove their managerial capabilities. The event would be enriched by 400 to 500 M.B.A students killing instinct. The battle would be fought in many events is which the critical qualities are in limelight. The platform would set fire on your heart-a burning desire that would take you to zenith in the corporate world. The programme would provide a corporate climate where harmony and hospitality would engulf you.

Highlights of the event will be that, the best manager will be taken for a trip abroad and other quality prices assured. Adding color to the fun and relaxation to mind is the cultural fest by "Samaritans" the CSR club of GSB...